About Us

GoLatin Travel is the leading travel agency and wholesaler offering comprehensive tour and travel products to South America, Cuba, Central America, and Mexico.  Based in greater Los Angeles, California, GoLatin has been sharing these unique destinations since 1973.

APF Travel / GoLatin was established in 1973 as “Friend of China Travel” and began serving the Southern California market focusing on Asia with a special emphasis on China. Under the leadership of founder and CEO Theresa Cheng, the company quickly experienced tremendous growth, well beyond industry standards for any Los Angeles-based travel agency.

During its first decade, Friend of China Travel expanded its geographical focus, offering a full range of services for the global market. Its client base broadened, increasingly adding large corporate accounts. In 1983, the company merged with two other travel agencies and rebranded as “APF Travel, Inc.” In 1994, APF Travel moved headquarters to its current location in Alhambra, California.

Today, APF Travel remains a market leader in the travel industry. As a member of both the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and the International Association of Travel Agents Network (IATAN), the company has special relationships with over 25 airlines, providing the lowest fares available, particularly to Asian and Latin American destinations. Coupled with 40 years of high-quality corporate client experience, APF Travel is the ideal travel partner for any business, government entity, or affiliated agency.